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October 31, 2011

11:25 am QR codes for marketing you!

I like the concept of QR codes and all they can do for promotion.  QR (quick response) codes are those little square bar-code-type-thingies designed to be scanned by your smartphone.  You may have seen them on transit, on band posters, in magazines, etc.  To read them, you will need to install an app…just go to your app store and search for ‘qr code free’.  You’ll find several.  However, I’ve noted that some apps will work easier for some things than others.  Also, some ads will ask you to install a particular reader/scanner.  (I’ve seen an example of that in a newspaper  job ad that required a tag reader.) For an example, here’s the related iPhone apps I have: I-nigma, Scan, and Tag.

QR codes can be used to direct your phone to various promotional things, such as: a website, multiple links, a video, resume, survey, ticket registration, etc.

When facilitating my Social Media Savvy workshops, I bring QR codes into the discussion and show hardcopy examples of how they’re being utilized.  Here’s some things I’ve seen them on:

  • resumes
  • business cards
  • social media trading cards (I use
  • labels / sales tags / postcards / posters / signs / banners
  • promotional items (removable tattoos, t-shirts, chocolates)
  • Real Estate home info sheets (some are taking the place of those sheets altogether outside properties for sale)
  • ads in magazines or newspapers (including job postings, some of which link to a video of someone in the current position giving a tour of the company and showing what they do in a day—very cool!)

If you’d like to learn more, a colleague of mine, Alexandra, from the interior of BC, is presenting a free lunch n’ learn webinar about QR codes on Nov. 8 from 12-1pm.  To register, see:

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